Board sparring

Connected Minds – Visions Come True

The board must secure the company’s finances, constantly look for opportunities, and develop the company’s competitiveness. This means that the board, from time to time, needs to change the strategy and challenge habitual thinking to strengthen the company’s brand.

The foundation of a strong brand is that the company’s uniqueness is known, combined with a clear vision, mission, and set of values. Thus, the board has a lot on its’ plate. The members must think ahead, communicate, and walk the talk concerning their intentions. This can be tricky.

Changing the strategy that has carried the company to its present situation means that the board must go back to square one. This often creates headaches. How do you communicate the next step? How do you implement it excellently? How do you ensure that the C-suite, the management, and the employees understand what to do to innovate and change behavior before the breakthrough manifests?

Mind Connection offers chairpersons of the board and boards sparring on optimal use of competencies – both within the board and among management and employees. The Sparring is always organized based on the board’s specific needs; for example, a match between the board’s internal competencies via testing and specific profile descriptions; a new strategy for communication; or renewed role descriptions to realize the new plan; or something completely different.

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