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Connected Minds Create the Future
​This is Mind Connections’ philosophy. Helping executives to become excellent. To inspire people. Create the vision. And create trust.

I believe in excellence. Created by dedicated empathic leaders and employees. Building exciting cultures. Dynamic and involving. Working with enthusiasm through knowledge. Ideas. And curiosity. Grasping the multiple variety of perspectives, contained in our teams and organization.

Sounds great? It can be your reality, too. Just focus on :

… which happens to be my passion.
Let’s co-create.

Let’s segment your potential

So, what is Executive Development in Mind Connections’ perspective?
That is to help you improve your way of inspiring highly professional employees and colleagues through personal competence. Trust. Reflection and training. To express your vision clearly. And to help others become excellent developers. Business drivers. Great colleagues and sparring partners.

This is, what we do. Perhaps focusing on your new strategy. Or an organizational change. A turn-around. M&A or securing a gentle generational change.

Whatever your challenge is, you will learn how to make a difference. And how to repeat it. You will learn about psychological processes among people – which influences your decision making. And peoples’ trust in you.

Do you want progress for your executive team? To segment your potential? Call Mind Connection.

All programs are tailor made. Based on your challenges, culture and strengths. Always!

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Let’s rebuild your power!

It hurts to be dismissed.
Did you see the writing on the wall? Was it a surprise? Do you feel angry? Lonely? In a gloomy mood? Do you know your next step – or where to go?

Recognize your choices. Identify your personal values. Face your fears. And build your winning strategy.

I believe there are new opportunity for every dedicated leader. I am convinced we will rebuild your trust. And other peoples trust in you.

Let’s put your vision into words. Action. And an ability to inspire people. When they believe in you they will follow you.

Let’s create and keep your success.

Do you want to state your dream?

Do you want to develop your career? Find a new path? Challenge yourself? Build a strong personal brand?

Do you know “how to”?

Inspire people to follow your ideas. Your vision. You. Not because they must. But because they treasure you.

Let’s look for opportunities to segment your succeess. To stand out.

Through intensive exploration, reflection, focus and training we will build your winning strategy. And make you grow. Put your vision into action. Words. And
make your dream come true.

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“The strongest principle of GROWTH lies in human choice”

George Eliot (1819-1880)

Let your mind run free!

Connect. Create. Amaze.
Do you want to stand out as an excellent leader? Develop new insights? Or build new personal competencies?

Confidentiality and business psychological coaching is important and valuable for your progress. Sparring and mentoring too. To set and segment your personal direction. To reach your goals. Your course of life. And to clarify your beliefs.

Let’s examine your existential and professional challenges. Make sure your vision and values show. They influence your decisions making. And help you lead the way.

Let’s go for your improvement.

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Stress has passion for breakfast

Let’s face it!
You probably never wanted to exchange your passion, creativity or energy with stress. What happened? You probably wonder why you didn’t notice earlier?

The funny thing is that stress, to a certain point, is meant to keep you alive. To keep you alert. Energized. On top! But lasting too long stress influences you. Your work. Your marriage. Your kids. And your relations.

Let’s find your spark. And re-build your meaning of life. Through joint enthusiasm, knowledge and choice. We can change your direction. Your career. And make you shine again.

Your visionary peer circle

I believe in making dreams and visions come true.
Careers. Life paths. Quests. Next step challenges. However, no one can do this alone! Surround yourself with dedicated leaders. Substantial content in your dialogues.

Invest your knowledge. Receive equivalent. Help yourself to reach your dreams. Facilitated from a business psychological base line.

Crack the code of development along with your peers. Train and reflect to obtain excellence. An inspiring partner of conversation. Develop your ability to listen. And understand the point from where your peers are speaking. Their motives. Their reasons.

Like that you build bridges. Relations. And gain the necessary pieces of advice to reach your goals. Let’s make your vision come true.

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navn på kunster

Knowledge and fun go hand in hand

Connected minds trust leadership freestyle!
I believe that excellence is obtained through involvement. Influence. The right amount of theory. Case studies and training. Reflection. And practice! Practice. And more practice.

In short, these elements are anchored by iteration. We go through theory. We challenge each other. We have fun. We focus. Share ideas. Discus. And gain new insights. Both as individuals. Teams. And as an entire organization.

Participating in a course for a couple of days will not help you develop excellence! On the contrary, practicing your knowledge and experience daily, will.

”Waste no more time talking about great souls, and how they should be. BECOME ONE yourself.”

Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

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Connected minds think ahead

I believe in creation of progress.
Refinement. Growth & value creation. Through interaction!

Breakthrough leadership goes hand in hand with human contact! The core of progress. Human beings create great companies. Neither plans. Nor techniques.

Excellent leaders innovate! Specialists and employees, too. By mutual inspiration and power we drive evolution. Expansion. Wealth and life quality.

Do you want inspiration? Knowledge? Speeches? Seminars? Or long-term development programs? I am constantly working on ways to improve my clients’ opportunities.
Let’s co-create

Ideas build on ideas!

Share your ideas while leading by heart. Trust. Truth.

I am dedicated to help executives stand out as inspiring leaders.

Let others know your vision. Mission. Personal values. Your “Meaning of Life”. Big words. I know. But I’m sure you get the picture.

Share the visionary part of you. Blog & Post. Seek new perspectives. Dare to dream. Show you are a reliable role model. Contributing. Helping others to build on our ideas. To grasp new insights. Create new meaning. And personal growth.

I walk my talk. Pick up inspiration from this blog. Or join a program.
Thank you for trusting in me.

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Connected minds - visions come true

You’re fired – Congratulation! Executive Transition – Your new beginning.
Perhaps you do not feel like that having lost your position, job content, status and wage. Nevertheless, I promise you, that such a period of your life could one of the most fulfilling and challenge you have ever had.

In this book I share lots of ideas and methods to improve and progress your career development. And personal development. Gathered for more than 20 years of helping dedicated executives through their transition and into a new and exciting jobs.

For the moment the book is in Danish. It is on the way in English, too. For those of you who read Danish it can be bought from “saxo.com”
Let’s connect. Create. Conquer.
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